German Immigrants and Crime

From The Peopling of New York City

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Germans were generally passive when it comes to inter community conflict. But that does that mean that the Germans were on the sides all the time. There were some criminals within the German community. Many were artistic thieves doing skilled criminal acts.


Fredericka Mendelbaum
Fredericka Mendelbaum [1]

Fredericka Mandelbaum was an underworld criminal fence -a person who bought stolen property and resells it in a legitimate market- and ran numerous burglarize.

Dutch Schultz
Dutch Schultz [2]

Dutch Schultz was a cunning criminal in organized crime. He made most his income through bootlegging liquor and number racketing, a type of illegal lottery.

Gus Winkler
Gus Winkler[3]

Gus Winkler was a the head of a criminal gang specializing in armed robbery and murder for hire.

Adam Worth
Adam Worth[4]

Adam Worth was a notorious criminal, believed to have been the prototype for "Sherlock Holmes" Professor Moriarty. In New York he began as a pickpocket but soon gained fame and began organized crime.