Income of New York's German Immigrants

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Not much is known of the precise wages German immigrants earned over the course of the early migration periods. For more information, please view the Occupational Patterns section. Occupational Patterns of German Immigrants to New York


German tailors made approximately 8-9 dollars a week. Cigar makers made approximately 11-12 dollars a week. However, German cooks, generally women, made $7000 due to a demand for the limited number of cooks at the time. The economic growth during the time provided the many skilled Germans with jobs that allowed them to sustain the cost of living and even earn enough to afford better housing. Thus, the economic boom during this time pushed the steady movement of Germans from Kleindeutschland to Astoria and College Point in Queens.

In the 19th Century, 12 million families earned less than 1200 per year. The average annual income for most families was 380 dollars which was well below the poverty line. [1]