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Office: Boylan 2231 O
Office Hours: Wed 1:15-3:15, Thurs 2:30-4:30 and by appt.

About Me

My name is Jenny Kijowski. I am currently an Instructional Technology Fellow (ITF) at Brooklyn College and an English Ph.D. candidate at CUNY's Graduate Center, where I specialize in post-1945 American Literature and Cultural Studies with a certificate in Film Studies and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Before becoming an ITF, I was a Graduate Teaching Fellow at BMCC and Queens College, where I was involved in the "Cyber Composition" program that explored ways of enriching traditional composition instruction with digital technologies.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband and my child, a 75-pound pit bull named Iggy.


City University of New York Graduate Center
Ph.D. in English (expected 2011)
Areas of Specialty: Post-1945 American Literature, Trauma Theory and Cultural Studies.
Doctoral Certificate Programs: Film Studies and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.
Recipient: Chancellor’s Fellowship, Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Instructional Technology Fellowship.

New York University
M.A. Humanities and Social Thought (2002)
Areas of Concentration: Literature, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Psychoanalysis.
Recipient: Hirschorn Award for Thesis Excellence
Thesis: “Incest and Film: Re-Erecting Patriarchy in Spanking the Monkey and The House of Yes”

Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
Certificate from the Korean Language Institute (1999)
5-week intensive language and culture program.

University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. English w/ Minor in Women's Studies (1998)
Specialized study: 1997 UCLA Overseas Program, four weeks in Stratford-von-Avon studying the life and work of William Shakespeare.
Areas of Concentration: Film Studies, Psychoanalysis, Gender Studies.
Recipient: Departmental Honors
Honors Thesis: “The Re-Oedipalization of America: Freud and Gender in Platoon”


Queens College (2006-2009)

Courses: EN 110: Introduction to College Writing
EN 120W: Writing, Literature, and Culture
EN 150W: Introduction to Literary Studies
EN 211W: Writing Non-Fiction Prose
EN 387: Literature and Politics

Borough of Manhattan Community College (2005)

Courses: EN 101: English Composition I

Since my teaching career began in 2005, I have utilized MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Blackboard, blogs, wikis, and a variety of Web sites, depending on what goals I am trying to achieve. What all of these tools have in common is their ability to promote a learning community that extends beyond the walls of the classroom, which is especially critical for the socialization of the first-year students that most populate composition courses. These platforms offer additional means of communication between students, promoting a friendly, open environment that is critical in creating a student-centered educational experience in which learners are more willing to engage in discussions, think collectively, and work collaboratively, skills critical to both academic and professional success.

The following are some links to course projects from the past (please contact me at for permission to private sites)...

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

Spring 2007