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The JFK Unit

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Our group compared the immigration process from Ellis Island to John F. Kennedy Airport. Most immigrants came to Ellis Island for a better life and opportunities. We learned that the reasons for immigration have not changed from Ellis Island to present times. We researched the Immigration Laws and prerequisites for immigrants coming to live in this country. Since the 18th century there have been many restricts placed on immigrants entering the United States. These laws changed as the times changed and as new eras were beginning. Finally, we discovered the procedures for immigrants specifically from India and Egypt. Their journey begins in their own country with a story behind their reasons for coming. As they pack up and leave, they must think about how they will come to New York and what they need when they get here. Enjoy our research and presentation!

What we did:
We produced a multimedia presentation of the story of two immigrants incorporating our interviews.

JFK Airport: The New Ellis Island from Priya Haran on Vimeo.

Who we interviewed:
1. Yvonne Graham, Deputy Borough President and founder of the Caribbean Women’s Health Association (CWHA)
2. Ray Sanicola, supervisor of US Customs and Border Protection
3. Susan Kuruvilla, immigrant from India who came in 1974
4. Frank Cianciotta, immigrant from Italy who came in 1949
5. Sumathy Haran, immigrant from India who came in 1996
6. The Shenouda Family, immigrants from Egypt who came in 2006
7. Fr. Bishoy Tanous, immigrant from Egypt who came in 1981
8. Amira Tobia, immigrant from Egypt who came in 1993

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