My name is Katie Alarcon and I was born and raised in Astoria. People that live there have a sort of superiority complex when it comes to their opinion of Astoria. "Its the best place to live". I agree. I come from Bolivian and Spanish descent. Most of the time I'm a coffee-chugging, vertically-challenged, and overly-contemplative student. I could be the embodiment of opposition, somehow I balance my love of fashion and partying with a powerful fixation of "nerd-like" hobbies–these include video games, martial arts, art, writing, and an inclination for verbose speaking. I enjoy cooking and baking for the friends and family events I host.I love my friends and enjoy meeting up with them and doing memorable things together. Sometimes I actually do work. I always say that I wouldn't procrastinate as much if my work were harder. It could also just be an excuse I am making. I hate password changing questions that ask you "what's your favorite color".Its not that I don't know my favorite color its just that it perpetually changes. My favorite food is pie, my favorite word is flibbertigibbet. I want to move to Georgia when I get older.

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