GIMP/Posting Your Projects

When you’ve finished your image in gimp (email me or check youtube for a plethora of gimp tutorials if you have any questions, you’ll want to post to our site.  To do that follow these easy steps.  The numbers correspond to the numbers on the image below:

  1. be sure you’re a member (email me for the password if you’ve forgotten) of the course site.
  2. go to the dashboard (you can get there from the upper navigation bar, by hitting ‘edit,’ or by clicking ‘meta’ in the right hand column)
  3. create a new post (you can also do this from the top navigation bar)
  4. upload your images using the ‘add media button’
  5. CLICK THE CORRECT CATEGORY!  (in this case, ‘Lanscape Analysis Part II)
  6. Hit publish
  7. You’re done!

As always, email Scott with any questions.

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