The Macaulay Springboards represent an effort at Macaulay Honors College to work with students to redefine the capstone project.

For seniors who are interested in fulfilling their capstone project requirement in a new way, this course will be offered to all graduating students as a six-credit, two-semester, year-long guided workshop in preparing springboard projects, an alternative to the traditional capstone or honors thesis. Students will design and create springboard projects that combine traditional research papers with elements of public scholarship.

The Springboard Experience, as a course and as a project:

  • Builds on a student’s earlier work and displays and reflects that work.
  • Proposes new directions, asks unanswered questions, poses unresolved dilemmas. In response to these challenges, the Springboard Project proposes specific research and learning pathways, providing a plan with clear goals and defined next steps
  • Includes personal reflection, uniting the affective and the cognitive elements of research.
  • Includes multimedia facets, utilizing appropriate tools and presentation techniques to present extra-textual resources.
  • Is presented to, and open to the interaction of, a wide public audience. It is a multidirectional communication.

But to really get a sense of how we hope things will work, check the FAQ page and watch the video of this info session.