What is ConEdison?

Consolidated Edison, Inc. has been serving metropolitan New York for over 180 years.  The company’s principal business segments include:  Consolidated Edison Company of New York’s regulated electric, gas and steam utility activities, Orange & Rockland Utilities’ (O&R) regulated electric and gas utility activities and competitive energy businesses.

ConEdison provides electric service to approximately 3.2 million customers and gas service to approximately 1.1 million customers in New York City and Westchester County.  At the same time, O&R provides electric service to 300,000 customers in southeastern New York and areas of northern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania and gas service to more than 126,000 customers in southeastern NY and areas of eastern Pennsylvania.

One division of the company, Con Edison Solutions sells electricity directly to delivery-service customers of utilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and also offers energy-related services.  Another one, Con Edison Energy obtains electric energy and capacity for Con Edison Solutions and fuel for other companies.  It sells the electric capacity and energy produced by outside plants, and provides energy risk management services to Con Edison Solutions.

source: ConEdison Official Website

ConEdison Solutions

ConEdison Solutions sells and provides energy to large and small businesses in the Northeastern United States and the Mid-Atlantic Region.  One of the ways this company is providing these businesses with energy is through “Green-e” certified Wind Power. Wind Power is a “form of clean, renewable energy generated from wind turbines that capture and convert wind into electricity.”  According to the ConEd Solutions Official Website :

| Wind Power is an emission-free alternative to standard power.

| ConEdison Solutions’ Wind Power is 100% clean, environmentally                                 friendly electricity.

The companies wind can either be Regional or National.  Regional Wind is produced from wind farms in the region of the company.  It is the more expensive type, but it contributes to the local economy. National Wind is produced from wind farms throughout the nation where it is cost effective to build a farm.

Many people don’t know that Wind Energy is actually a converted form of solar energy.  According to the official website of the American Wind Energy Association, it works when the sun heats different parts of the earth at different rates, and a different surfaces absorb or reflect the sun rays differently.  Hot air rises, reducing the atmospheric pressure at the earth’s surface, and cooler air is drawn in to replace it.  This cycle results in wind.  Though not so significant, air has mass so that when it’s in motion, it has kinetic energy, which is the energy that can be converted into electricity.

It takes a wind energy system; a turbine, to change the kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy so that it can be harnessed and used.  Mechanical energy is most commonly used for pumping water, like a “farm windmill.”  Electric turbines generate electricity for homes, business and for sale to utilities.

Wind Turbines come in two different types; a vertical-axis (also known as the “egg-beater” style) and the horizontal-axis (also known as the propeller-style) which is the most common today.

Normally, the electricity generated by a utility-scale wind turbine is collected and fed into utility power lines. There it is mixed with electricity from other power plants and delivered to utility customers.

As more and more companies and business choose to Wind Power of other energy sources, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere will decrease.

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the Power of Green

ConEdison actively promotes the purchase and use of Energy Star appliances.  Such appliances can be installed within a home to “keep costs down, produce less air pollutants, preserve natural resources and promote the use of domestic energy sources.”  They are offering incentives to customers and businesses to use these products and become more energy efficient, like rebates and free energy saving surveys.

The Power of Green

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