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Night at the (Brooklyn) Museum

I think going to the Brooklyn Museum was one of those things that just made me really happy to be a Macaulay student.  

Let me explain.

I’m a huge fan of museums; I can’t talk about them enough, and if I tried someone’s head would probably explode from boredom. So naturally, the idea of having our first Macaulay-wide event (besides orientation) at one was so exciting to me. Any chance to bond with the people I’m bound to graduate with is extremely nice, especially if they don’t go to Brooklyn College like we do. I felt like an A-list celebrity roaming the halls of a museum closed down to everyone but the incoming class. I’m pretty sure I knew then, finally, that I’d made a good choice in terms of what college to attend. (Which is probably silly since we committed in May, but a person can have doubts, right?)

I also thought the art was spectacular. The Met has always been #1 in my heart for its extravagance, but I think I’d visit the Brooklyn Museum again and again as well. There was so much variety that I kind of wanted to just sit in one room for an hour, take it all in, and then continue on my way and repeat the process for every exhibit. (Though, to be honest, I feel that way with every museum. I’m really such a nerd.) I think this comes from the fact that I appreciate art (the conventional kind) in a different way then I do other art forms like writing or music. Fine art is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to create. How do people paint so perfectly? Or sculpt things that look so realistic? It’s one of the coolest things in the world. So hats off to the artists in the world—you’re all pretty dope.

P.S. I took a bunch of pictures like a tourist. Take a peek below!

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