Your grade for this course should not come as any surprise.  This is a course that you will shape.  As honors students, your challenge is not to fulfill requirements–that’s easy and that’s what you’ve already done to get here.  As honors students your challenge is to go beyond what is required, to design your own pathways, and to work with your classmates to create new knowledge.

But that all sounds too poetic, doesn’t it? Let’s be clear and specific.

You are required, in this class, to:

  • Attend at least one outside arts event (either by yourself or with some classmates) and post about it here on the class site.
  • Shoot a photo of New York City on Snapshot Day (October 11) upload it to the online gallery, post about it here on the class site, and take part in the Snapshot Event on November 22.
  • Attend the events and site visits we have scheduled and post about them here on the class site.
  • Do all the readings (even when they’re not texts).
  • PARTICIPATE in class discussions.
  • Create and post a final project.
The grading works like this:
  • Reviews posted on the site–33%
  • Participation (including attendance, including attendance at Common Events)-33%
  • Final Project-33%

(The astute student will notice that this adds up to 99%.  The extra 1% is awarded for conscientious observance of the physical laws of the universe.  Remember, gravity is not just a good idea, it’s the law.)