Lots of possibilities for reflections for this unit. I’d like you to take one of the themes from the mini-lectures (your choice which one) or from the reflections posted in the last unit (again, your choice) and explore it in more depth. Here are some suggestions (but of course you can go off the list):

  • How many cultures are you a part of? Name them and describe them.  How do they get communicated to you and how do you help shape them?
  • What do you do when you need to switch cultures? Is it always easy? How skilled are you in this switching, and how have you learned your skill?
  • What was the student culture (the “culture of schoolchildren”) when you were in school? How did the school administration (or faculty) react to this culture?
  • How can fights or friendships help learning? When a teacher says “you’re here to learn, not socialize,” do you have a response to that?
  • Compare a few significant social interactions in your life–especially if some of them are mediated by writing…especially writing on a screen.
  • What has your school “trained” you for?  What would be better?
  • What is school for, if not training?