For this reflection, I’d like to ask you to look back and to look forward. And perhaps to talk to some other people.

Think back over your own life.  Have the changes in technology changed you, over the years? Are you the same person you were in elementary school? In high school? Sure you are–but maybe there are things that you do now, or see now, or ways that you act or interact now, that you didn’t before.  How did technology change you?

It might help in this (or might be an alternative approach) to talk to some people in your life.  Do you have older relatives, or friends or relatives from another place?  Interview them, and let’s see if they have different memories of the changes in you–or the changes in them.  They may have a longer (or different) history of interacting with technology, and it may have changed them differently.  Or they may see that it’s changed the world and the people they see differently.  (You could try talking to younger people, too–this works both ways).

As usual, you can do this reflection in written form–but you also have the alternative to give us a video or audio interview.  Whatever seems to fit your content best (and you can explain why you chose whichever medium you chose, too).