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For your convenience, here are the instructions (such as they are) again:

This final project, your last real assignment, is one with lots of room for creativity and experiment.

I’m interested in consensus–in a conclusion (really a prediction) which can end the class.

Get out your crystal balls, gaze deeply, and show me what the next generation will see.  If you have children, 20 or 30 years from now or so, will they be starting college? What will college look like to them?

Be bold with this one.  Be imaginative.  You are the SF writers now.  We all know that SF is really about now, not about the future, so don’t bother to make those connections obvious.  Give us a free-ranging picture of what the future will look like.

This can be a picture.  It can be a photograph or a collage of photographs and images you’ve taken from elsewhere.  It can be a video or a comic strip.  It can be a sculpture or a painting.  It can be a play or a song or a short story or a poem (probably not a novel.  I don’t think we have time).  It can be detailed and specific.  It can be impressionistic and abstract.  It can focus only on emotion.  Or only on conversation.

I know, it’s harder on students when things are this open, this unstructured.  I don’t mean to torture you with this, and I know time is short.  But take a little time, range a little freely, and let’s see what we get.