With major advances, technology has been able to open many doors. It provides a vein of communication, knowledge, and entertainment. Technology is a tool that simplifies daily life and streamlined American culture. It is an ingenious asset for individuals, societies, and the world as a whole. The impact of technology can be seen everywhere and very few areas have been left untouched or unstructured for these new tools. In my own life, technology has been incredibly influential. Technology has changed me most by giving me more freedom while simultaneously making me more dependent.

The summer before high school, I attended a summer camp for three weeks. It was four hours away from home and I would not have any interaction with my family during this time. It was the first time I had been away from home. In order to make the transition easier, my mom added me to her cell phone plan and I became a proud owner of a pink Motorola Razr. With this new piece of technology, I was able to become independent while still keeping a strong connection home. When I returned from camp, I used to phone as a means to effectively communicate with my family. I gained even more independence because I was allowed to be out more since my family would always have a way to reach me. I no longer had to be physically present for my mom to know I was safe. I was always a phone call away. However, with this new independence came a new dependency. I had to take my cell phone with me everywhere I went. At the beginning it was hard to adjust, but eventually it became habit. Now, like most people, I feel completely lost if my cell phone is more than a few feet from me. If I forget to bring it with me, I will return to find it. It has become a dependency without which I cannot function.

Similarly, technology such as my iPod has become a “necessity”. Before I had an iPod, I was content with listening to music when it was convenient. I had never bothered to carry around a CD player. Music was never a priority. However, as soon as I received this sleek and convenient gadget, that all changed. I was able to be gain independence from a radio or CDs. In addition to music, it has also provided entertainment in the form of games and movies and Internet access. Before I would be content to walk to class in silence, but now if I am not with someone I crave some type of noise. Luckily, I rarely leave without my iPod.

Although the dependency on objects can be unsettling, the independence that they afford me is important. Without a cell phone, I would not feel secure living so far away from home. Without a personal computer, I would have to spend hours in a library or computer lab. Because my life has been so simplified and the benefits are so great, I am more than happy to have a technological addiction.