High Crude prices, and technological advances in both Horizontal Drilling, and Hydraulic Fracturing have allowed Energy Companies access to previously untapped deposits of Natural Gas (methane), trapped within shale.

Because of these advances, and because of our enormous shale rock formations, the United States is poised to become a net fuel exporter by 2030. This kind of news is very politically exciting, because it means an end to our reliance on foreign oil, as well as cheap gas.

Proponents of the “Green” movement have been trying for ages to push through a “Cap and Trade” plan. Under such a plan, the government would cap the amount of greenhouse gases each company is allowed to permit. At the same time, companies that produced less than their limit would be able to sell unused allowances to companies that have surpassed theirs. Conservatives argue that such a plan would cripple a fledgling natural gas industry. At least alternative energy is finally a serious contender in the political arena…


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