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Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Becoming a demographer

On this extremely frigid evening, January 24th, I made my way from Queens to the Gerald Lynch Theatre on the far west side of Joseph SalvoManhattan to attend a Macaulay Honors College common event.  Last semester, there were two events held based around the topic of our Arts in NYC course.  We went to the Brooklyn Museum and we had our own gallery opening at the Macaulay building, featuring our photos from Snapshot Day.  This semester, our Macaulay seminar is entitled “Peopling of New York City,” and for this reason, I had to venture out in the cold.  For this event, we had the honor of listening to a lecture given by Joseph Salvo, the director of the Population Division of the NYC Department of City Planning.  Hearing about all of the different people that make up New York City reminded me about my English 110 Honors course from last semester.  So much goes into this city that we are almost unaware or take it for granted.  One of the secret ingredients in our melting-pot is our diverse population.


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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Welcome to Inisfada

St. Ignatius

It is extremely hilarious how unmotivated I am while at home, but when I’m at college, I hop right onto my computer and type up a blog.  Well, here’s my first post of the new year!!!  Hope it meets your expectations.

Father Damian, Marina, and Auction CatalogI have neglected up until now to mention Inisfada or the St. Ignatius Jesuit Retreat House located in Manhasset.  But before this, I would just like to thank Father Damian Halligan, the onsite historian at St. Ignatius, for being so welcoming to me, taking me around, and informing me of all its intricate details.

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