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Monday, May 18th, 2020

My Last Post

It has been four years since my last post on Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture.

This blog was started in August 2012, at the beginning of my undergraduate journey at CUNY Queens College & Macaulay Honors College.  While initially inspired by the idea of winning an iPad mini at the end of my first year as part of Macaulay’s ePortfolio Expo (spoiler: I won), I became engrossed in learning HTML and CSS to personalize this blog, and filled my calendar with concerts, shows, lectures, and more in order to write about my experiences.

As the my college years progressed, I kept up with my blog by posting my academic papers, art projects, and personal anecdotes.  All of these additions can be found throughout this blog website, through the different tabs on the left of your screen – Art, Music, Theatre, Museums & Culture, and Academics.  On a somewhat secondary blogging site, I recounted my journeys abroad, travelling to Spain, Israel, and more.  You can visit these posts by clicking on the Travel tab at the left of the screen.

Since my last posts, I have graduated from CUNY Queens College & Macaulay Honors College with a double BA in History & Art History, and later went on to complete my MA in Art History from Queens College.  I’ve been working in several museums and cultural institutions, moved apartments, and learned many new things and met many new people.  I even went on to start a second, post-graduate blog (Marina B. Nebro).

However, I’ve never said goodbye to this blog, at least not officially.  It sits here, with it’s last post dating to August 2016 titled “I’m a Cat Mommy,” in a liminal state of closure and hope for something more.  I cherish Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture as a time capsule of my undergraduate years, exploring New York City, the world, and myself.

Thank you, dear reader and subscriber, for coming on this long journey with me over the years.  All of my posts and musings and creations will remain available to sneak back on whenever you so desire.  And of course, I’ve kept all of my work in hard-copy format to hold close to, as well.

Perhaps we shall meet again.


Marina Bardash Nebro