dipped in dollars

Dipped in Dollars is a music blog made by two individuals who call themselves Chief and Danger, who happened to attend the same university in Vermont. Their mutual love for art, dance music and the people behind them inspired two to create this blog. The purpose of the blog is to simply share the music they love with whoever’s interested.The minute you log on to this blog, you will find a sort of serene/ naturist vibe, even though you wouldn’t expect it from a site titled Dipped in Dollars, especially with their logo including two dollar signs. For example, there are green trees in the background, and many posts seem to involve nature.


The authors of the blog post regularly. They have posts going back from 2009 and have posted every month since then. They do not get many visitors on the site, however, maybe it’s because the content on the site is very queer and suits their specific taste. They post interviews, mixes, links to the music they talk about, as well as the album art for that music. The blog has a very inviting and informal tone to it. Since most of the things posted are music or art that they enjoy, the comments and entries are usually personal. This explains why the informal language/colloquial speech is more than suitable for this blog.


The lay out of the blog is simple and organized. On the side there are suggested links to what is the most popular on the blog and also what is favored the most by the original creators. In the center of the blog going downward, one will find the newest post that has been put up. On the top of the site, there are several links to pages such as archives and history, mixes (music), and finally, the one I find most interesting, their interviews. They sometimes are fortunate enough to interview the people who create the music and art that they post or comment about. They are not looking to sell anything but they do seem very interested in getting people to really tune in and gain a love for the music and art that amuses them.


What I personally like about this blog is the music. It surely is not the typical radio music that we hear today. The music is very serene and mellow in a way, just like the background they chose to put. It’s as if this blog together with its noncomplex graphics, tame colors, naturist photos, and mellow music is a personal statement trying to tell us about the character and special interests of these particular individuals.