Press This is a cool little app that can make posting links to other websites or articles on other websites very easy. To add Press This to your browser for future use, go to Dashboard and then Tools.

On the Tools page you'll see a little Press This icon (the little gray rectangle on the screen that says Press This). Grab the icon and drag it to the Bookmarks bar on your browser. Now you can use Press This. But why would you? Say, for example, that you want to write a post about an article you read on the NY Times online because you think others in the class might find it useful or interesting. If you have Press This on your browser Bookmarks bar you can write a post without having to go to our website and login in, etc. Here's how:

Go to the website or article that you want to write about. Click on the Press This icon on your Bookmark bar.

When you do, a new Post window will pop-up.

The Post will be titled the name of the article/website (you can change this) and a link to the article/website will appear in the Post editing box. You can add some text to the Post to explain why you want us to read the article, change the title, etc. Remember to Categorize your post, then click Publish.

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