Nov 25 2009

Never Stop Moving

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They dance and dance to the music and never stop. In Ben Brantley’s review of Fela!, he emphasized on the Broadway dancers’ energetic and vibrant motions on the spectacular stage.


The onstage movements makes audience, who plays an active role in the show although they are offstage, want to move their bodies along with the dancers during the performance. Even after leaving the theater, there is still excitement in the air. Brantley remarked that the women were the ones “who ultimately rule this universe” when compared to the male dancers onstage. Funmilayo and the Queens had a huge impact both on Fela Kuti and in Fela! the Broadway show. The Afrobeat music overall conveys rebellion and repression and is, as the title says, a weapon that is “mightier than the sword.”

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