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Nov 29 2009

Take One, Take Two, Take Twenty?

Published by Rhianna Mohamed under ICP Exhibit

“Hastings Park, 16 July 1955” was taken in 2008, but who would know that? Who would also know that the photo was to mirror workers unrest in Vancouver, Canada during the 1950s? In 1912, there was a free speech rally and in 1935, there was a labor strike. This photo did not necessarily need to […]

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Nov 29 2009


Published by Sijia Sun under ICP Exhibit

“I want people to be drawn into the space of the work. And a lot of people are like me in that they have relatively short attention spans. So I shoot for the window of opportunity.” These are the words of Barbara Kruger, the creator of the untitled piece of a picture of a black […]

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Nov 28 2009

Rock Stars

Published by Sijia Sun under Cultural Passport Assigments

I have heard many say that exhibitions centered on contemporary idols are only meaningful for the fans of those idols. “Who Shot Rock and Roll” is considered to be one of such exhibitions. Since I somewhat agree with the saying stated above, I was choosing to see the Metropolitan Museum’s collection of renaissances paintings rather […]

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Nov 27 2009

Careless or Just a Victim of Circumstances

Published by harshita parikh under Uncategorized

Looking at the events of the short movie Wasp it can be easily assumed that Zoe is an irresponsible mother. But is this assumption really justified? In my opinion she is a victim of her poor circumstances and bad choices. As can be inferred from some her action in the movie (the fight in the […]

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Nov 27 2009

Desperate Love

Published by harshita parikh under Barber of Seville

Desperate love – that’s what all the characters of the play Barber Of Seville experience in one way or the other. It may be the notion of romantic love as in the case of Count Almaviva and Rosina, the love and desire of fame and success for Figaro and the love for money and wealth […]

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Nov 26 2009

The Language of Art

Published by harshita parikh under Cultural Passport Assigments

Asian Society and the museum The Asian Society and Museum has an excellent exhibit that showcases the work of contemporary Pakistani painters. Most of the paintings in the exhibit reflect the traditions and customs of the native country of these artists. In fact many paintings depict the political unrest faced by Pakistan over the years […]

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Nov 26 2009

Crazy Much?

Published by Amrita Narine under Brooklyn Museum - New Feminist Video

As I walked into the exhibit “Reflections on the Electric Mirror: New Feminist Video,” I couldn’t help but think, “What on earth is Professor Davis making us see now?” A lady shifting boxes, a lady chugging drinks and smoking blindfolded, a lady acting crazy on the train… At first I couldn’t wrap my mind around […]

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Nov 26 2009

Brantley loves “FELA!”; Read All About It!

Published by Amrita Narine under Fela!

I, for one, loved that Ben Brantley gave FELA! such good reviews. If Ben Brantley loves it, that clearly speaks to how amazing the production really is. He emphasizes how I felt throughout the musical: there are no dull moments. I was sucked into the world created through the musical, and I honestly felt as […]

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Nov 26 2009

Surreal Realism

Published by Amrita Narine under Cultural Passport Assigments

Walking into the American Folk Art Museum I thought, am I going to find anything interesting in here? After walking on the first and second floor, I wasn’t too sure. Sure there was a tree with buttons attached to it and a waterfall that popped off the painting… but none of this produced any feeling […]

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Nov 25 2009

Joseph O’Connor-Unveiling a new person

Published by Sai Ma under Joseph O'Connor

Who would have thought that Joseph O’Connor would turn out to be such a nice guy! For a writer whose writing style is very cynical, sardonic and critical, this display of public speaking as well as the fact that he spoke very extemporaneously on his works in general brought forth a new identity to this […]

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