The MoveNY Plan is a way to breathe new life into our city’s transportation system– both public and private vehicles. It’s a monumental task to undertake but it has undoubtedly become an issue that we can no longer ignore. As a daily commuter to and from the city, our trains can be a nightmare to deal with– between switching from local to express mid-route, and running on a different line when you need them most, there’s rarely a day when I’m not quietly cursing the lack of service under my breath. Sam’s plan is appealing because it’s sustainable and works on a system of redistribution. The MoveNY plan spreads out┬áthe cost of transportation and maintenance, as well as the bodies coming and going daily in Manhattan among the existing entry points. With a comparatively more equal toll for each bridge, the incentive to stay in traffic and get into the city for free is gone. Consequently, the gridlocks, accidents, and traffic jams we see often will be gone too– and that’s a future I can support.

My favorite part of the plan is that its self-sustaining. It pays for itself because the money raised can be invested in better technology for trains, greater maintenance for bridges, and other innovative ways to keep things working the way they should. I know we spend so much time praising Rob Moses for how quickly he got work done, but there’s something to be said about getting something done thoroughly and that’s what this plan seems like to me.┬áDuring his presentation in class, “Gridlock Sam” mentioned that he’s having trouble getting public officials in Queens to agree to the plan– COME ON QUEENS. It’s always going to be tough to get more money out of people. However, the total cost is not as drastically different. In fact, the plan aims to lower many tolls! In the long-run, I have faith that this plan will help end NYC’s terrible congestion.


-Sindi Cela