More on Prezi: embedding long text in a Prezi

Another follow-up to previous posts on Prezi. Rishi had asked if there was a way to embed his essay on photography within the Prezi holding his photographs. You can!

The trick is to first save your Word document or blog post as a .pdf file. In MS Word for Mac, this option is available under File > Save As… > Format.

Then just insert the .pdf using the Media button (from file), just as you would a picture or video. And enjoy!

Note that you can also crop the pdf image, zoom in on particular lines using hidden frames, or even highlight particular passages. If you don’t want the pages to take up a lot of space, just shrink them way down — e.g. you could hide the whole thing within the vertical bar of the “h” in “click here to read my essay.”

Feel free to leave a comment here with any questions, or just letting us know how it works!

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