schedule for week of 9/17

Confused about who’s writing what, when? Here’s what we wrote on the board at the end of class:


Readings involved

Post Questions


Talk in Class

Reflect after Class

Tues 9/17 Dewey and/or Anderson and/or Diamond group 1
(by 9/13)
group 2
(before 9/17)
group 3
(on 9/17)
group 4
(after 9/17)
Thurs 9/19 Williams and/or Cortázar group 2
(by 9/17)
group 3
(before 9/19)
group 4
(on 9/19)
group 1
(after 9/17

In other words, Tuesday’s class will be a catch-up / continuation of today’s, so if you’ve already done your blog task, you’re good to go. (Since there are no posts yet about Diamond, that can be an optional additional post — perhaps from the Reflect & Reconnect group, which in this case is group 4.)

We’ll begin moving the rotation forward for Thursday’s class. Group 2 will take the lead with Engage & Interrogate, posting early enough to give group 3 something to respond to.

Hope this helps!

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