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“Culture is Ordinary” by Raymond Williams argues (like the title states) that culture and the arts are not only found in the teashop of “cultivated” people but also in the lives of ordinary people.

1)   These “cultivated” people use their positions as the “educated” to remove art and culture away from the masses. Almost like the masses are uneducated and cannot benefit from the art. Williams asks how and why some “call certain things culture and then separate them from ordinary people?” Can anyone benefit from art or do you need to have some education in art to truly enjoy it?

2)   “So when the Marxists say that we live in a dying culture, and that the masses are ignorant, I have to ask them where on earth they have lived.” With which side do you agree more: with the Marxist who believe that culture is fading and the masses are uneducated or Williams?

3)   What is education? “The Times sell nearly three times as many copies as in the days of its virtual monopoly of the press.” Is reading a newspaper truly the way in which people learn?

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  1. olivia107 says:

    1) Art is not directly proportional to education in that the more education one has, the more he/she will appreciate art. Williams even states that the lower class “masses” create their own culture, disproving the idea for the necessity of a higher education to have/appreciate culture and art. And how can one “truly enjoy art?” Truly enjoy it as opposed to somewhat enjoy it? Enjoying art is a matter of emotion rather than of education.

    2) As one who grew up as part of the “masses” in a working class town, Williams understands firsthand whether culture is fading at that level or not. Culture exists in all societies and social classes and it is constantly changing. Marxists may believe that culture is dying, but from another perspective it is just evolving according to the time period.

    3) Education is more than just the gaining of knowledge, but rather being able to understand the knowledge and apply it in one’s life. Newspapers are an especially good source of information such as the New York Times which includes topics ranging from international conflicts to health issues. Being more knowledgable allows one to perhaps be more open minded and to see the world in a different light as opposed to a limited view in which they are uninformed.

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