10/10 – Copland revisited, Kivy, and some more Sparshott

Week Seven continues with these texts, all of which you should now have:

  • “The Gifted Listener” from Music and Imagination, Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1952, pp. 7-20.
  • Peter Kivy, The Corded Shell: Reflections on Musical Expression. Princeton University Press, 1980.  (selected chapters).
  • Francis Sparshott, “Aesthetics of Music—Limits and Grounds” (Parts 2 & 3,  pp. 51-98)

Because this is a heavy reading week, you get to decide whether to respond to these texts or those for Tuesday, which are in another post. Technically speaking, I believe groups 2 and 4 are responsible for kicking off the conversation this week by posting questions (in either place) — but if you have ideas or thoughts that you’re ready to post, don’t let the technicalities stop you!

See you in one place or the other,


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