Performance Log

Quick question (open to anyone who knows the answer):

Does the performance log that’s due at the end of the semester have to be handwritten/in a journal-type setting, or are these formal reports of each performance we attend? Help! Thanks! :)

(I just don’t want to end up adding extra fluff in my opinions of certain performances)

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  1. Mena McCarthy says:

    I remember Professor Blot saying that he wants it handwritten because we already do a lot of things internet-based, but it’s not a formal report for each one, just a paragraph or so on your reaction to the performance. Like you said, a journal-type setting. Hope this helped!

  2. Ben Miller says:

    My sense was that it didn’t have to be web-based, but I don’t see a strong reason not to post online if you want to. (The advantage of online, of course, is that you can add tags and comment on each other’s posts if you have reactions or questions.)

  3. richard blot says:

    Hi Ruby,

    Please raise this question again in class next week as I’m sure others are wondering the same thing. We can discuss it then. It does not have to be typed, handwritten is fine, but I do want it to be handed in in a hard copy (Sorry, Ben!). These are your personal responses to the events we attend, but not only to those events. You can draw on them for the final paper on how your aesthetic sensibilities may have changed over the course of the semester.

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