Welcome to Macaulay Seminar 1

So, that’s a wrap… Thanks to everyone for a truly wonderful semester! Here are the final projects collectively created by the class for the inaugural Macaulay STEAM Festival.


Below are a few of things we’re leaving with at the end of the semester:



Dear students,

Welcome to Macaulay Honors College Seminar One: The Arts in New York City!

We have an exciting semester ahead of us, full of several encounters with various art forms from opera and theatre to visual arts to marketing the arts. Please bookmark this site as it will be your primary resource for the course.

On this site, you will find the syllabus (note that there are hyperlinks in the syllabus to various readings available on the web. These will also be posted for quick access under the Readings tab. PDFs of other readings will be available on the Blackboard site for the course.

This site is also where you will be sharing your weekly blog posts (more about this in the syllabus!) and it is the public face of our course.

Lindsey Albracht is the Instructional Technology Fellow for our course and she will provide invaluable support to you over the course of the semester. We are looking forward to meeting you on August 30th.

Before our first class meeting, please read this article and fill out this contact form. 

See you soon–

Professor Donovan

August 30 update:

What we’d like to leave with at the end of the semester


image credit: New York State Theater/Ryan Donovan