General Interview Questions – Shivani Sharma

1. What is the single most important aspect in higher education that makes one college/university better or more unique than the other? (What is one concrete reason one student should pick your college over another?)

2.. Do you believe higher education should be able to foster an intellectual mind or teach the skills and trade necessary for today’s economy? If there should be a balance, where can students go who favor one over the other and, yet, desire the same prestige of attending a reputable 4-year accredited college? (Instead of a community college, trade or vocational school).

3. How do you plan on competing with the rise of obtaining a higher education through online courses? How do you plan on competing on a global scale?

4. Why are the criteria for student admission to a particular upper-tier university so broad? Is it considered unethical to give preference to students who come from a higher socioeconomic background than to those who do not?