Reading Questions- April 10th

  1. Wouldn’t having education through the internet take away from the whole “college experience.” Don’t colleges improve the students’ work ethic, establish an atmosphere of learning and promote the establishment of friendship and give opportunity to network. All of these things aren’t provided in an online class.
  2. Since technology will ensure that education will become more accessible in the future and the number of college graduates will rise, wouldn’t having too many people with a college education make it more competitive to get a job. Will having a bachelor’s be like have a high school diploma? If yes, will master degrees become the bar that people looking to get a good education need to obtain? Does this mean that more and more people will be in school till their thirties? What will this do to their lifestyle?
  3. Do American colleges want a more educated international population? Wouldn’t these international students be competing with American students for jobs?
  4. Does having some professors travel the world to teach take away from the integrity of the teacher-student relationship because eventually all the professors will only care about which college can pay them more?
  5. Wouldn’t having more and more schools teach the hard courses and expecting that students learn the introduction course material themselves hinder the students that are struggling?
  6. Cheating is a huge problem when it comes to MOOC. How can we limit cheating? The quality of tests given online can also be a problem as they tend to be multiple choice and for courses like organic chemistry and physics, how can a professor ensure that the students have learned the material?
  7. Wouldn’t having a camera watch you while you take the exam hinder you and pressure you while taking an exam?
  8. Doesn’t having too many students enrolled in the course, online or in-person, increase the competiveness and decrease the value of a degree because so many people have it?
  9. How can you ensure that students in a course online are getting the same level of difficulty material as the students that are in the classroom?
  10. Isn’t part of the reasons that some colleges are so intent on introducing MOOC’s is because the more students they have, the more money they will have? Doesn’t having this kind of mindset make colleges seem more and more like business rather than a place to gain knowledge?