Reading Questions- April 17th

  1. Isn’t it more important to admit students that have been financially disadvantaged rather than students from minority backgrounds? Is it still true in today’s world that for students from certain ethnic groups are automatically disadvantaged?
  2. The articles about the Fisher case constantly talk about the courts declaring that “student body diversity is a compelling state interest.” Why?
  3. How big of a role do you think that government should play in deciding the admission policies of private and public colleges? Are they supposed to be autonomous?
  4.  Should the residents of a state be allowed to vote on changing the admission process of a university like in Proposition 2? Again, what gives the people of the state enough power and knowledge to make a well informed decision?
  5. As minority students admitted to colleges tend to be less prepared than their white classmates, shouldn’t more focus be put on their secondary education so that they don’t fall behind in college? Also, does this mean affirmative action is backfiring?
  6. How much is a student’s race a factor in the admission decision of New York schools like NYU, CUNY, and Columbia?
  7. Is affirmative action right because it gives a chance to minorities or because it increases the diversity of schools?
  8. What does the decline in students declaring liberal arts major say about the new generation of college students?
  9. Is it true that college degrees are not worth as much because of the downgrading of students?Has it become too easy to get in to college, in particular for minority students?