Reading Questions for May 1


Higher education has to change. President Obama called for it.


What would you do to change Higher Education?



If there were a way to lower the costs, how would you allocate the funds needed for Higher Education?


Barriers to Innovation in U.S. Higher Education

Higher Education in the US needs to change. Once the leading country in the world in terms of education, America has slipped.

From all of these models and modes of learning and educating (ie regulation, funding, business models, ets), map out a college that will be the example of change. Plan out what model you would follow (ie business, educational, hybrid), what funding you would rely on the most and so on.


Mayo Clinic of Higher Education:

The results from UMR are surprising and rare. An 85-90% passing rate for organic chemistry is basically unheard of amongst CUNY students.


Pinpoint what you think UMR is doing right? List everything that Lehmukuhule has done and where you think UMR needs improvement (ie accepting students with higher SATs and ACTs).


It’s only expensive to create new universities if you use the old model.


How do you the government and higher education as a whole should attack this problem of retaining information, personalized education and graduation rates?


Do you believe that the UMR structure is the structure higher education should follow?



Change is inevitable. But, why is it taking so long for Higher Education to change? Mention everything that you believe to be the reason, even drawing from previous weeks’ readings.

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