Readings for March 25th — Higher Education and the Corona Virus

This is a collection of articles in places you already know (Inside Higher Ed, Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times) about how various constituencies in higher education are reacting or coping with the emergence of Covid-19. You have the good(??) fortune to be taking this seminar on higher education in the semester when colleges and universities have been shaken to their core by this epidemic. Where this will end up is, of course, totally unknown, except most are predicting it will materially change higher education in the future. It’s a mess but not a perfect one, I think most would say. I would be interested in getting your reaction as students to both the ideas in these articles and to your own experiences in the past two weeks.

I have organized these articles into three bundles – one about the impact on institutions, another on the impact on students and a short one on the impact on faculty. You can read these relatively quickly — like you would read a newspaper. I would like you each of you to come in with at least two discussion questions or reactions for each of the bundles. We’ll be doing our first on-line course, and I think it might go better if you come armed with some issues we can get started with. I will also be interested to hear about your first post-hiatus week and what has surprised, puzzled or troubled you about your experiences. We are all operating without a map here.

It turns out that I didn’t need to have all your Gmail addresses into Google to invite you to the class meeting. I can just send you an invitation, which I will try to do a bit early, in case I have problems. More on that later.

First bundle:

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Download (PDF, 8.56MB)

Third Bundle:

Download (PDF, 1.69MB)

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