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Wednesday, 08/25  –  EVENT – THE INDIAN WANTS THE BRONX, and other plays by Israel Horowitz

Wednesday, 09/01 – Class – Introduction and discussion of theatre and above performance.


Assignment:  Attend the exhibition “Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography” at the Museum of Modern Art.

Attend one of the gallery talks on Friday, 9/3 or Sunday, 9/5 (both at 11:30), or Monday, 9/13 (1:30).  After the talk, spend time on your own at the exhibit, choose two photos and prepare response statements or questions for discussion in class on 9/15.

Prior to your visit, listen to the 15 brief commentaries given by the artists or curators on the exhibition page at www.moma.org.

Read Berger pages 98-102, 215-223, 279-293.

Wednesday, 09/08  – No class today, according to Hunter academic calendar.

Tuesday, 09/14  –      EVENT – HOWARD GREENBERG TALK (6:30 – Macaulay Honors College Lecture Hall, 35 West 67th Street (Columbus and Central Park West))

Wednesday, 09/15 – Class –Photography discussion and preparation for dance events.

Assignment: 4-5 page response paper on dance events due 10/6

Wednesday, 09/22 –Class, 2 guest speakers

3:10 – Guest speaker – Catherine Turocy, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Historian, Artistic Director, New York Baroque Dance Company

4:40 –Guest speaker – Professor Orenstein, Hunter Theatre Department, specialist on Asian theatre

Wednesday, 09/22 –EVENT – Zephyre, one-act opera ballet by Jean Philippe Rameau, New York Baroque Dance Company and guest artists, Symphony Space, Broadway at 95th, 8:00.

Monday, 09/27  – EVENT – Kathakali – Indian dance/theatre performance and  discussion, guest artists from Kerala Kalamandalam Performing Arts Academy – Lang Theatre, Hunter North 4th floor, 4:00-5:30.

Wednesday, 09/29 – Class – NY architecture walking tour (downtown and Gramercy Park) – meet at fountain in City Hall Park – Broadway and Park Pl.

Saturday, 10/02     – EVENT – Fall for Dance performance – City Center, 156 West 56th St., 8:00.

Wednesday, 10/06 – Discussion of dance and architecture – dance response papers due – technical help from Jessica.

Monday, 10/11 –     Snapshot NYC 2010 – take your NYC photos and bring to class on 10/13 to show and choose your one photo, which must be uploaded by Thursday, 10/14.

Wednesday, 10/13 – Class – choosing photo and preparation for visual arts events

Wednesday, 10/20 – Class – guest speaker – Rodney Cottier, Director of Drama Division – LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) – Shakespeare, the Globe and the First Foli

Wednesday, 10/27 – (Unconfirmed) Class Event – Visit to Metropolitan Museum

Wednesday, 11/03 – Architecture presentations

Tuesday, 11/09  –  EVENT – PENELOPE at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn

Wednesday, 11/10 – Class – (Unconfirmed) Visit to Chelsea galleries

Wednesday, 11/17 – Class – Discussion of PENELOPE  and visual arts.

Wednesday, 11/24 – Class – visual arts.

Wednesday, 12/01 –  Class – Guest Speaker – Mark Ringer, Marymount Manhattan College, Author – Mozart, opera and COSI FAN TUTTE

Thursday, 12/02 – EVENT – COSI FAN TUTTE, by Mozart, Metropolitan Opera, 8:00

Wednesday, 12/08 – Opera response discussion.  Final projects today and exam week class.


You’ll be responsible for the following papers and presentations:

Paper – Response paper on photography due 9/15 – 10% of grade

Paper – 4-5 page response paper on dance due 10/06 – 10%

(include comparisons of the dances we’ve seen)

Presentation – Architecture – due 10/20 – 15%

Paper – visual art paper – details and due date TBA (around 11/10) – 10%

Final project – TBA – 20%

Class attendance and participation – 35%

Response Papers – During the course of the semester, it is expected that through your reading, viewing, gallery talks and special speakers, class discussions, etc. you’ll be taking notes and assimilating a great deal of material on the visual and performing arts.

It is up to you, with the help of our class discussions and interaction, to synthesize for yourself new awarenesses and evaluative points of view.  This should form the basis of your papers.

A good start is to consider form and content.  What can you say about each of these areas in relation to an art work?  Also, consider questions such as “Does this work of art change you or illuminate you in any way?”  “Does it affect you emotionally, stir or challenge your intellect, or both?”  “What techniques of the artist can you identify that result in that effect?”  These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Architecture Presentation – You’ll work with a partner.  Choose what you’d like to do your presentation on – it may be a building, block with contrasting buildings, a neighborhood, church, historical home, etc.  Visit the site together and spend time in the space or area seeing what impressions you have.  Take photos, including a photo of each of  you in the space.  There must be 3 components to your presentation:  visual, research, and personal response.  Each of you must research some different aspect of the site, i.e. it may be the architect, style, history of the area and how the building relates, etc. and write a 3-5 page paper on this research.  You’ll also write a 1-2 page personal response paper – your impressions of the use of space, building, style, architect’s intention or challenge, does it work, etc.  You’ll have 7-8 minutes in total for your presentation in class.  Don’t read from your papers (which you’ll hand in), but show us and talk about your project.

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