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Tech How-tos

1. To Create a Post: Drag your mouse over the site name, and a dropdown will appear. Click on “Create new post”.  When you’re done, don’t forget two important steps– CATEGORIZE and then PUBLISH!

2. To Feed on Professor’s Announcements: To receive Professor Jablonka’s announcements via email, go to Feed My Inbox.  In the top panel, paste in this link:


3. To insert photos: Click on the tiny gray rectangle above your posting window. (see below)

Choose your photo from your hard drive. Resize and position.  Don’t forget to insert into post when you’re finished!

4. To insert video: First upload your video to YouTube. (see video below for instructions)

Once you have completed those steps, then find the little green film icon (below) and click on that. Insert your YouTube link into the url box. Voila! You’re done.

Any questions or confusion? Email Jessica at jhammerman@gc.cuny.edu and specify your problem. She will try to fix it!

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