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Welcome to H-DashN Arquitectures & Com-pany!

I’m Janet, the Head Architect of Ideas. If we’ve never met, let’s get acquainted. About me: I love dancing tango, hugging trees, and drinking herbal tea. I have an imaginary friend named Amsco. He is like a black hole, except without the spinning. Your turn, what are some fun facts about you? 

I’m glad that you’re here, whether you’ve stumbled upon, or purposely found this cabinet of curiosities of a website! Now, since you’re reading this, I’ll answer a few questions you might be wondering:

How do you pronounce H-DashN Arquitectures & Com-pany?

It can be pronounced simply as Dashing Arquitectures, skipping over the H at the beginning.

What is H-DashN Arquitectures & Com-pany?

A New Publishing Company (focused on creativity, curiosity, exploration, magic, nature, & interconnection); A Museum of Ideas; A Doorway to Rebellion. 

What is the meaning behind our name?

H-DashN Arquitctures

This is the first part of our name. It refers to the creations our organization produces and chooses to share with the world.

& Com-pany

This is the second part of our name. it refers to our community.


The choice of this specific noun reflects on the process of how our creations are made: each creation is a conscious act; an act of unifying fields, topics, people, etc. (refer to the Merriam-Webster definition of architecture)


The “H” is not included in the pronunciation of the organization name. This is an acknowledgment that what is silent is also there. And not only is it there, but it is valuable. In the context of stories, it is the silence in between words that gives them their meaning.


This refers to the word “dashing”. It acts as an adjective describing our company as a place of boundless inspiration and innovation, where ideas are brought to life with boldness and energy.


The dash between “com” and “pany” calls attention to the etymology of “company”, “derived from the Latin words ‘com’, meaning ‘together’, and ‘panis’ — meaning ‘bread’. It originally described how merchants would gather, share stories, eat together, and trade. Companies are communities”

What does this website contain?

This website houses books as well as the archive of projects and art I’ve personally completed through the years. Enjoy exploring, maybe you will come across something that will ignite your creative spark! Click here to read my suggestions for navigating the archive! [[Soon There Will Updates And A RE-Structuring of This Website. Stay Tuned]]

What if I have another question or want to connect?

Email me at h.dashnarquitectures@gmail.com or janet.akselrud@macaulay.cuny.edu

Best, Janet Akselrud <3

Last Updated: October 28th, 2023

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