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Jun 30

It’s really cool that I am in Melbourne. I love it. I’m currently getting over jetlag, but you can expect more fun and exciting things from me, like starting Uni– which if you don’t know- stands for university, or simply, school. Enjoy, Lilach (or as I have been nicknamed, Lil! rhymes with Bill.) 11

Jun 29

1 day left. It’s finally here!!!

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More to come!!! Lilach 10

Jun 26

So what does one do on the last day in their home town of BK before leaving for 4 months?!? Go to the apple store of course! I had a surprisingly emotional time walking through manhattan with my Mom and Dad, realizing that I will not be seeing the exciting hustle and bustle of trying […]

Jun 23

I can’t believe it’s in five days! In just five days I’ll be going to Australia for a four-month study-abroad adventure. And I can’t help but be excited about the silliest things and nervous about the least consequential things as well. Like seeing the international terminal in JFK that I’ve never been to and who […]

Jun 18

My Favorite…Season: Summer/Winter

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Summer Fun I love summer, but I also love winter. Wait, I think that means I don’t actually have a preference…or that I just make the best of the weather, whatever it is Either way, it’s summer in the northern Hemisphere, and winter in AUSTRALIA!! So I am just savoring the weather while I’m here, […]

Jun 14

What will be the future of technology? 9

Jun 05

UpJUNE (Update)

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Here’s a quick update on AUStralia related plans. Also, It’s my birthday today! YAY! L 8

My AUSome Trip