Aug 09

Mitpachot = Head Scarves

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Sheitels, and tichels and hats! Oh MY! But my favorite so far has been wearing mitpachot, or head scarves. It is so fun to have a whole new accessory to match my outfits, like when I found this exact striped one to match my polka dot shirt- well at least the colors are the same and it was perfect for summer!perfect match!
It’s been really fun figuring out all new ways to tie them, making braids and twists. For now, I have amassed an entire hand-me-down collection from my dear sister, aunts and friends…plus one or two that I bought myself!
And here is my organized, artsy, pintrest-ly appropriate way of storing/showing off my mitpachot, plus it covers up that unsightly wall panels. (It’s my first every apartment- Creativity is key, I think!)
mitpachat rod

I’ve also discovered quite a nice internet niche of women who cover their hair with scarves, especially the lovely Andrea with her blog and videos, cleverly named I’ve even taken to trying out my own tutorial hairstyle, found below and on youtube.

Let’s wrap it up!


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