Where to Find Each Week’s Reading

There are no required textbooks to purchase for each class. Readings will be found at one of the following sites, as indicated.

E-reserves. (If the previous link doesn’t work, paste the following into your browser’s address bar: http://remote.baruch.cuny.edu:2048/login?url=http://ereserve.baruch.cuny.edu.remote.baruch.cuny.edu/eres/coursepage.aspx?cid=3396 )
Log in using your Baruch ID and then the course password Macbride4001. (note lowercase ‘b’ in my last name, which is normally spelled MacBride).

Zotero: A free research, bibliography, and annotation tool. Our course readings – and, later, sources you find for the annotated bibliography assignment – will be saved in a group library called MacBride13. Show details

  • Show instructions for installing Zotero
    1. Register for a free account at https://www.zotero.org/user/register/.
    2. Download Zotero at http://www.zotero.org/download/. Note that Zotero does not work with Internet Explorer, and that if you’re not using Firefox you’ll download two files: the Zotero standalone app, and the connector of your choice.
    3. Open the Zotero pane, either by running Standalone or in Firefox by clicking on the Zotero button at the bottom right corner. Click the gear button and select Preferences. Go to the Sync tab and enter your account information there. Now Zotero will sync your files and references to their servers, so you won’t lose them even if your computer dies.
  • Show instructions for joining the group library
    • With Zotero installed and an account registered, go to http://www.zotero.org/groups/139482/.
    • Log in to the website if you haven’t already, and click the button to Request Membership. This generates an email to Ben, who will approve your request as quickly as possible.
    • When you’ve successfully been added to the group, you will see a new folder at the bottom left of your Zotero pane, entitled “MacBride13.” Click here to view, edit, or add to the class bibliography.
    • Double-clicking on any item in the center should open it; if you don’t see an arrow to the left of the name, it doesn’t have an attachment to open. See instructions below for when links don’t work.

Link: Follow the link to the document freely available on the web. If the link doesn’t work:
1. use your own creativity to find the document and
2. notify Prof. MacBride