Course Calendar – v.2

This is version 2 of the course calendar.  In the event of an update I will rename the version and notify students.

Group 1: Richard, Chris, Megan, Narciso, Edson
Group 2: Michelle, Amanda, Derek, Lawrence, Hye Min
Group 3: Jenny, Jessica, Jessica, Yana
Group 4: Sean, Steven, Raymond, Kelly

I am reducing the required number of Collaborative Learning Contributions from two to one.   If you already have done two, you are to be commended!  If you have already done one, you are done!  If you have proposed one already, great.

If you have not yet proposed and presented a Contribution, you need to think about one (not two) NOW, propose it to me based on the calendar above/below, and follow through on the day you state.  Please do not plan a Contribution on a day when we are practicing Presentations.  So this leaves:

Class 9 – April 9th after digester tour (open air)

Class 10 – April 16 – Richard, Lawrence, Kelly (classroom)  — is filled up, no more sign ups allowed

Class 12 – April 30 – at compost site – Jenny (open air)

Class 14 – May 14th, classroom, Jessica P., Edson, Steven, Jessica L., Michelle