Brooklyn Museum Art Project

by: Amanda Zhang, Hengyuan (Roy) Lin, Aaron Empedrado, Mindy Aloff

We made a lot of observations by first stating what we saw in the painting. Then once we finished describing what we saw on the surface, we began delving deeper into the implications behind what we saw. We did a lot of comparisons as well. We compared the animals we saw in the painting to other texts that reminded us of it. For instance, we mentioned the "Jungle Book" and "Where the Wild Things Are." By comparing the things we saw in the painting to these texts, it helped us get a better understanding of the artist's intention of painting this. In addition, we used a historical context analysis. Although we had some idea of when the painting was painted, we made assumptions about the subjects we saw in the painting especially the indigenous people and the European explorers. We didn't do a formal properties analysis, and if we had more time we would have talked more about the artist's choices in composition.
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