Films – for those of us who want to see the land, the joys and the conflict, without just reading.

  • Crossing the Line: reveals the anti-Israeli propaganda that apologists for militant Islam are trying to spread on American college campuses today.
  • Decryptagedebunks the Mohammed Al Doura incident revealing it to have been a faux controversy created by AFP.
  • Entering Zionhighlights what was in Gaza when Israel controlled the territory.
  • From the River to the Seadocuments the corruption of UNRWA and the PLO.
  • The Gatekeepers: interviews former Mossad agents on that which they conducted while serving Israel.
  • Iranium: explains the threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel and the world at large.
  • Israel Inside: highlights the benefits Israel has given to the world.
  • Kumasi Haifa: highlights Israel’s coalition with Ghana on their educational policies.
  • Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West: reveals the similarities between radical Islam and the Nazis.
  • Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in the Middle-Eastoutlines how the Palestinians repeatedly broke the Oslo Accords, even as Israel adhered to them.
  • Suicide Killersinterviews of the Palestinian terrorists carrying out suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.
  • The Case for Israel: features Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and others on the conflict.
  • The Road to Jeninexplains how the alleged Jenin massacre is all a fabrication.
  • U.N. Me: exposes the many unethical actions committed by many in the U.N.

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