What is PR?

Public Relations (or PR) teams are the body in government that normally deals with the media.¬†They tell the government’s side of the story in every situation and also maintain the reputations for those they work for. They then rely on the media to find out the other side of the story so that the press can present the situation in an unbiased way to the public.

Good PR is important because it dictates the context surrounding each incident that occurs in a region, whether it is good or bad. It also helps maintain the reputations of those involved. The best way to get your side across is by an immediate press release sent to already established press contacts.

Context and reputations are especially important when it comes to politics and war. Context provides the background to a situation that is occurring and helps manage the reputations of the parties involved in the situations. It also then allows for the general public to form their own opinions on the situation.

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