Manhattan Districts

Chelsea is a part of Manhattan Community District 4 (which is made up of Chelsea and Clinton).

District 4

This district is 1.8 square miles and has a total population of 103,245 people. Source 

Just Chelsea…

Area: 0.774 square miles

Population: 38,242

Population density:

Chelsea: 49,411 people per square mile

New York: 27,183 people per square mile

Races in Chelsea:

Majority: White, followed by Hispanic, then Blacks, Asians, and Other

Median household income in 2011:

Chelsea: $98,943

New York: $49,461

Median rent in 2011:

Chelsea: $1,494

New York: $1,063

Zip codes: 10001 and 10011

Males: 19,850

Females: 18,400

Median age:


   Chelsea: 39.8 years

   New York: 34.2 years


   Chelsea: 37.8 years

   New York: 37.0 years

Average household size:

Chelsea: 1.7 people

New York: 2.7 people

Percentage of family households:

Chelsea: 21.4%

New York: 46.4%

Percentage of married-couple families (among all households):

Chelsea: 18.5%

New York: 35.6%

Percentage of married-couple families with children (among all households):

Chelsea: 33.9%

New York: 22.7%

Percentage of single-mother households (among all households):

Chelsea: 31.9%

New York: 11.7%

Percentage of never married males 15 years old and over:

Chelsea: 35.0%

New York: 21.8%

Percentage of never married females 15 years old and over:

Chelsea: 26.9%

New York: 22.2%

Percentage of people that speak English not well or not at all:

Chelsea: 5.5%

New York: 13.0%

Percentage of people born in this state:

Chelsea: 41.6%

New York: 48.4%

Percentage of people born in another U.S. state:

Chelsea: 34.1%

New York: 10.6%

Percentage of foreign born residents:

Chelsea: 21.1%

New York: 37.2%

Average number of cars or other vehicles available in houses/condos:

Chelsea: 0.3

New York: 1.1

Average number of cars or other vehicles available in apartments:

Chelsea: 0.1

New York: 0.4

Percentage of units with a mortgage:

Chelsea: 59.4%

New York: 63.0%

Housing prices:

Average estimated value of townhouses or other attached units in 2010 (2.9% of all units):

   Chelsea: $1,247,281

   New York: $528,288

Average estimated ’10 value of housing units in 5-or-more-unit structures (59.5% of all units):

   Chelsea: $810,306

   New York: $780,652

Education in this neighborhood (subdivision or community):

Percentage of people 3 years and older in K-12 schools:

   Chelsea: 17.3%

   New York: 16.1%

Percentage of people 3 years and older in undergraduate colleges:

   Chelsea: 7.9%

   New York: 6.5%

Percentage of people 3 years and older in grad. or professional schools:

   Chelsea: 4.5%

   New York: 2.0%

Percentage of students K-12 enrolled in private schools:

   Chelsea: 82.0%

   New York: 18.0%

Percentage of population below poverty level:

Chelsea: 14.6%

New York: 20.9%

Most commonly used house heating fuel:

Utility gas (32%)
 Fuel oil, kerosene, etc. (28%) 
Electricity (25%)
 No fuel used (4%) 
Other fuel (3%)
 Bottled, tank, or LP gas (3%) 
Solar energy (2%)
 Coal or coke (2%)


…mostly white, rich, and single…large gay community too.


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