100 11th Avenue Building

This unmistakable building that sits on 11th Ave. opposite Chelsea Piers, facing the Hudson River was designed by architect Jean Nouvel and completed in 2010. Jean Nouvel is considered a “Starchitect” (star architect) in the real estate world and is sought after throughout the world to design buildings. This building designed by him, home to seventy-two multi-million dollar luxury apartment buildings, is the perfect example of the gentrification of Chelsea. Not only is this building a true example of the final stage of gentrification, it has become a landmark in itself, being featured in television shows, real estate magazines, and more.


One of the building’s most unique features is the “curtain wall” effect of the individually hung glass panes that make up the exterior of the building. Every single glass pane was individually designed and placed by Jean Nouvel so that when one looks through the pane, they see what appears to be a photograph or painting, framing the exterior world precisely, rather than simply a traditionally placed window. In addition, these panels are designed to be highly reflective, thus leading the building to appear to almost be its own light source, always bright. The atrium of the apartment features trees that appear to be free-standing and the curved design of the building allows every unit to have a forward facing view, so that there are no value-reducing rear apartments. On the interior, all the countertops are made of the finest materials and all faucets are touch sensitive. Interior lights are in carefully crafted scones that evenly cast the light throughout the rooms.


Why are these details so important? These details are important because they are what take this building to the next level, from luxury to ultra-luxury. From the upper class of New York to the international market. It is ultra luxury buildings like this one by famous “starchitects” like Jean Nouvel that drive further real-estate development in Chelsea, particularly along 11th Avenue, having a force-multiplier effect. As more and more of these ultra luxury buildings come into Chelsea and they become what Chelsea is known for, the rise of Chelsea will only continue further. Between the highline and more world-renowned ultra-luxury apartment buildings catering to international clients, it is clear that there is still momentum for development in Chelsea, and that the development is not going to slow anytime.


The level of development that Chelsea has reached has made it a growing brand name. Despite comparable apartment to those in 100 11th Ave selling for $3 million, 100 11th Ave units demand over $5 Million. West Chelsea’s growing real estate market, attention to detail, and new level of luxury allow its’ units to demand over $2 million more than they would had they been placed anywhere else in Chelsea. It is widely predicted that as development continues in West Chelsea, this value increase will begin to push inward, causing an increase in development along Chelsea’s inner avenues, ultimately leading to a Chelsea whose brand name can rival that of even Soho.


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