Fall for Dance

We are going to Program D on Thursday October 12 at City Center.  55th Street between 6th and 7th avenues.

Arrive at 7:30 please.  Show starts at 8, no late shows.  Very disruptive.

Yes one can wear anything these days, but then one is missing out.  For one, it adds to the excitement of going out for an evening that’s different than most of your nights.

So, no t shirts, especially nothing with writing on them, no ripped anything fashionable or otherwise, no tank tops, no sweats, no shorts.  Just look nice.  Feel happy.  Know that despite what some people in the audience may be wearing, you’re doing the right thing.

Click on the link below regarding audience etiquette at a dance performance (or any type of show)  It’s written by a dancer and it’s very funny and direct.

Audience Etiquette; How to attend a Show