Filmmaking and iMovie

Making Films / Digital Storytelling

As you begin to envision your own work, I’m including some resources to help you with the process of creating and editing digital films. Thanks to ITF Maggie Galvan for the post (below). As you move along with the projects, please feel free to talk with me or email me with any questions or problems you might have.

While you may not be familiar with professional cameras or digital film editing software, your phone cameras are capable of creating amazing work. It’s really about the person behind the camera, rather than the camera in and of itself, that determines the output. Of course, video editing equipment will help, but it really does start off with your vision.

For an example, check out this gorgeous short film made with a cell phone:

Also, check out (many thanks to ITF Karen Gregory for these links):

Cellphone Cinema

Pioneering Cell Phone Cinema: Q&A With João Krefer

Editing in iMovie

iMovie, which should be installed on each of your laptops, is a great way to edit digital footage for our purposes. What follows are some links to some iMovie tutorials. If you’re having difficulty figuring out a particular effect, email me, and I’ll help you out and add the information to the resource list below:

General iMovie Tutorials

Side-by-side effect for a split screen

More iMovie tutorials by ITF Jenny Kijowski

Also, to add to the pile of resources of Creative Commons material, offers free footage.