Living in New York City, we are surrounded by a plethora of different foods. Every day before a meal, we are faced with the decision of choosing what to eat: Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Italian, American, or perhaps some other culture’s delicacies?
Quite fascinatingly, in the United States there really is no dominant cuisine. Upon arriving to America, immigrants often bring their native foods and adapt them to their new environment. Simultaneously, these arriving people are exposed to food choices from all around the world. Entering a new country can be intimidating for many. Immigrants in the U.S. go to great lengths to achieve the ultimate “American Dream.” Some start out with low paying jobs, relying on the government for assistance to feed their families. Institutions, such as food stamps, aid them throughout their journey as they strive for success. Meanwhile, some are turned away from work and ultimately resort to opening their own business. Thus evolved the practice of pizza shops and Chinese Food place owners who took up these storefronts on their own. Sometimes, as is the case with Russian Restaurants, immigrants open up these places to spread their culture and provide joy to customers.

This website is an intro to the American barriers different immigrant cultures face and adopt into their lives. When starting in America, do immigrants use food stamps? Are they attracted to chain stores or authentic stores? Do they favor their native cuisine over new Americanized foods? Have they adapted their cultures needs into their new American lives?

Every category above is separated into subcategories that delve into many different complex ideas that you may not have even thought of before. Explore. Bon Appetit.