“Authentic” is defined as having an undisputed origin and genuineness. A concept that seems fairly simple but is infinitely complicated when it comes to its application. The term is so loosely used people begin to forget what exactly makes something authentic. That’s why the definition is necessary to one’s understanding of our basis of comparison. When it comes to food, recipes that originated straight from the country or those that have been passed down through many generations are authentic.

This is extremely important in New York City and something us New Yorkers run into every time we go out to eat in this city without even realizing. We’re craving Italian food so where do we go? Do we go to Olive Garden or do we go to an Italian restaurant a few avenues down that is run by a local Italian immigrant? It depends on what you’re actually in the mood for. Because believe it or not, there are differences between a chain restaurant that serves Italian food and a restaurant run by a family that does not care to expand but only serves to provide delicious Italian dishes to the locals in the neighborhood. Chain restaurants make claims about the “authenticity” of the food they serve as a marketing strategy to create a theme and entice those interested in certain ethnic foods. So in fact if you are looking for something you can get in Italy then skip on that Olive Garden meal today.

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