The Right Thing?

First off, i must say that i love the movie and that Spike Lee’s mind is creatively genius. However, the movie lacks enough core substance to make it great. The fact that the film follows the interacting stories of about a dozen people makes light of how cultural differences influence views of society. The screenwriting perfectly emulates the talk and the walk of every class of New York Society at that time. Something else about the film that i find interesting is the publics attitude towards Asian-American immigrants. It seems, most likely because the are the newest, that they are of the lowest social position despite the fact that they are the most successful of the characters. Obviously, i wasn’t alive to see the influx of Asian-American immigrants into the boroughs, but i find it interesting that they were treated this way despite their economic success.

Now, i titled this post “The Right Thing?” for a reason. Knowing that it is a Spike Lee allows me to deduce that the film will have a message, most likely about prejudice and racism. The title of the film suggests that at this time everyone was doing the “wrong” thing, but this leads me to question what the “thing” actually is. Is it as vague as to cover everything? or is it simply the treatment of others? Either way, up to this point im the movie, everyone seems to be doing the wrong thing.

2 thoughts on “The Right Thing?

  1. I agree when you say that the movie needs more substance. I feel like that would help give Lee’s movie a point. Not to say that the movie has no point, because it does give the message that there are racial divisions that need to be fixed, but it is hard to see what people should do about it.
    Although I disagree with the public attitude towards the Asian immigrants, it makes sense. If I were struggling with the economy, I would hate to see anyone just move in and immediately strike success. It would make me feel like there is no point to my existence and no point in trying to make my life better. Whatever the reason for the other person’s success, I would feel as if some greater power is working against me.
    I’m also wondering what the “thing” is as well. I’m assuming what Mookie is doing is supposed to reflect the “right thing,” though.

  2. I’m not so sure Mookie is doing the “right thing.” If you examine his character, while he is certainly a neighborhood regular he doesn’t exactly behave morally. He consistently dismisses the mayor, turns one brother against another, disrespects the mother of his child, and shirks his work duties. It seems to me like Mookie is the exact opposite of the right thing. Sal appears to be a much more admirable character. Him, the mayor, and Mother Sister all provide insight and appear to be much more moral individuals than Mookie is. I wouldn’t be too quick to write Mookie off as the good guy simply because he is played by the director of the film.

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